Version 5.17

Chits and Chit List

A new development has been built into the CHIT system within Menumate that allows more flexibiity in how the chit can work and enables sites to improve the flow of order entry, reduce key strokes and speed up the point of sale transactions. 

Features Include

  • new CHIT LIST that allows bistro or quick service restuarants to build a list of options (like Table Numbers or Table Names) rather than using the table system. These are incorporated into the new Hold and Send function.
  • a DEFAULT MENU option has been added to each Chit so that a Chit (or sales type) can have a default menu. This can be used for Dine In and Take Away sales when the Take Away Chit or Sale Type will automatically display the Takeaway menu.
  • a DONT USE HOLD & SEND option has been included for each Chit so that for some Chits types will not use the Hold and Send function.
  • a PROMPT FOR CHIT on every order has been added to Misc Settings so that the pos user does not need to select the Chit type manually. This improved the speed of the sales process by removing key strokes and operator erros.

Download the HOW TO Document on using the Chit Features below



Combo Discount Feature

A new discount feature has been added called COMBO. This enables a discount to be created for a set price e.g $10.00 and then items that are in the sale can be combed down to this price. This is a new feature that can be used for items like Coffee & Cafe for $5.00 or similar combo style promptions

Download the HOW TO Document on using the Combo Discount below



Hold and Send

The Hold and Send feature has been improve and the processes simplied to speed up the sales process when this feature is being used.

Download the HOW TO Document on using the Hold and Send feature below



New ChefMate Version 2

A major development has taken place with ChefMate with a major change in the features and look of this product.  

The new chefmate system has been developed with the following features

  • Multiple Screens
  • Runner Screens
  • Bumping of Orders, Courses and/or Items
  • Placing orders on Hold
  • Colour coding based on time of order
  • Zoom on Large Orders
  • Touch Screen and Keypad options

Download the HOW TO Document on using the Chit Features below



FileMate Head Office Menu Management

Do you want to manage all your sites Menus, Products and Prices from Head office. Menumate can provide that functionality using FileMate to send menus from your sites via a remote FTP serve with no user interaction at the store. 



Fixes and Features

  • Fix - When cancelling and item when the happy hour price was zero, the item was cancelled on the receipt but the subtotal did not reduce
  • Feature - The security on the Combo Discount has been remove for faster operational speed. Click HERE for the how to document on the new Combo Discount.
  • Feature - Cash Sales now prompt for the Patron Count if setup in Misc Settings
  • Fix - The Discount report substotal were inconsistent if an item had more that one discount applied in a sale. This have been adjusted.
  • Feature - A new report called Consumption by Day has been added to Menumate Office Reports
  • Feature - Average Sales per sale type (Chits) has been added to the Z report so you can report the average spend of each sales type. e.g Dine In, Phone Order or Takeaway
  • Feature - Purchase Orders can now display all the ITEM from a supplier and then the operator can just enter the quantity of each item they want to order rather than selecting or entering each item first.
  • Feature - An interface to RMS Property Management System www.rms.com.au has been added to Menumate POS for interfacing Room Charges for hotels using RMS.
  • Feature - An interface to Bally Tech Gaming machine solutions used by some of the largest Casinos around the world has been added so the Menumate POS can interface with Bally Tech Gaming solution www.ballytech.com 
  • Feature - Happy Hours can now be configured to not give Loyalty Points when a site is in Happy Hour.
  • Feature - PCEFTPOS for Australia has been added as a new EFTPOS option in Australia. www.pceftpos.com
  • Change - The Customer Display timeout has been reduced so at the end of a sale the Welcome To message appears quicker


NOTE: If you are using Menumate Chip Cards Loyalty system then all sites need to be upgraded to the same version at the same time 







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