Stock Control Supplier Invoice Entry

Supplier Invoice Entry

When stock is purchased the invoice that arrives with the goods MUST be entered into the Menumate system BEFORE the stocktake.

If it is not entered then this will lead to variances that may mask a real issue.

To enter the Supplier Invoice go into Menumate Office, select STOCK and then select RECEIVE INVOICE.

Enter the Supplier that the invoice is from. Select NEW INVOICE and enter the invoice number from the paper work received.

Enter the products that have been purchased either by selecting ADD SUPPLIER ITEM, which will list only the items from that supplier, or ADD ANY ITEM which will search the full stock database.

Then enter the Quantity being purchased and ensure the unit and total costs are correct

Continue this for each item on the invoice.

Once completed the INVOICE TOTAL INC should equal the amount on the supplier invoice, then press OK.

This will increase the stock levels of the items purchased in the location designated during the invoice entry. From a paperwork point of view this invoice should be stamped as   ENTERED   and filed for future reference and/or payment.


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