Stock Control

Implementing Stock Control


1.    Introduction

2.    Setup & Configuration

2.1    Setup Locations

2.2    Setup Suppliers

2.3    Setup Item Details

2.4    Setup Item Locations

2.5    Setup item Suppliers

2.6    Setup Item Recipes

2.7    Check Gross Profit Percentages

3.   Data Entry Processing

3.1    Supplier Invoice Entry

3.2    Stock Transfer Entry

4.   Processing A Stocktake

4.1    Starting a Stocktake

4.2    Printing the Stocktake Worksheet

4.3    Initialise the Stocktake

4.4    Enter the Stock Counts

4.5    Printing the Stocktake Variance Report

4.6    Printing the Stocktake Valuation Report

5.    Implementing Purchase Orders

5.1    Why Implement Purchase Orders

5.2    Creating a Purchase Order

5.3    Receiving a Purchase Order

6.   Implementing Minimum and Maximum Levels

6.1    Why Implement Minimum and Maximum Levels

6.2    Setting Minimum and Maximum Levels

6.3    Creating Automatic Purchase Orders

7.   Managing Stock Wastage & Writeoffs

7.1    Using Stock Wastage & Writeoffs

7.2    Stock Write Off on Point of Sale

7.3    Stock Write Off in Menumate Office

7.4    Stock Write Off Reports in Menumate Office

8.   Stock Manufacture

8.1    Using Stock Manufacture

8.2    Building a Manufacture Recipe

8.3    Processing a Manufacture Transactions

8.4    Manufacture Reports in Menumate Office

9.   Implementing Portable Stocktake Device

9.1    Why use a PDE for Stocktaking

9.2    Configuring PDE in Menumate Office

9.3    Setup Item Barcodes

9.4    Importing PDE Data into a Stocktake




Stock Control Hints

Stock Control Hints are part of Menumate's Weekly Hint direct email publications

WH.1    Stocktake Profiles

WH.2    Stocktake Worksheets

WH.3    Stocktake Enter Counts

WH.4    Stocktake Variance Report Part 1

WH.5    Stocktake Variance Report Part 2

WH.6    Analysing Stocktake Variances

WH.7    Stocktake Valuations

WH.8    Using a PDE to Reduce Stocktake Costs

WH.9    Implementing Par Levels

WH.10  Stock Writeoffs and Wastage


How To Documents


HT.1    Stock Manufacture: Managing stock is a critical part of running a profitable hospitality businesses. Version of Menumate extends the stock  functionality to enable greater control of stock with the ability to create recipes and manufacture recipes.

HT.2   Stock Writeoff: Managing stock is a critical part of running a profitable hospitality businesses. Version of Menumate extends the stock writeoff functionality to enable greater control, auditing and reporting.


HT.3   Importing Stock into Menumate Office: When starting your Stock Control system one of the hardest and most time consuming work is the initial loading of all of the stock information. Menumate has developed a stock import system that will import all of the stock and supplier information from a spread sheet


Click HERE to download a sample stock import file

HT.4   Speed Up Your Stocktake with a Portable Data Entry Terminal: Implementing one of Menumate portable data entry terminals has shown to save 70% of the labour required for stock taking and improved the accuracy by 45%. if you are serious about stock control then using a Portable Data Entry terminal is a great way to get a faster return on your investment and improve your profit.






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