Stock Control Writeoff at POS

Setup of Wastage (Write off) Reasons for Point of Sale

Wastage (write off) reasons are set reasons that are recorded for each write off transaction in the point of sale.  Wastage (Write off) reasons will be different for every company. Some examples may be;

  • Wrong Drink Mixed
  • Stock Dropped
  • Past Used by Date

To setup the wastage (write off) reasons select Maintenance and then write off Reasons. This will take you to the maintenance option to setup, edit or delete the reasons.





Writing off Stock at the Point of Sale

To write off items that have been wasted at the point of sale selected the items to write off. Once they are listed on the point of sale screen press FUNCTIONS and WRITE OFF, Select a REASON and confirm that you want to write the stock off.



Write Offs on the Point of Sale Z Report

The point of sale terminal’s Z report will show the summary information for the write off transactions that have been done on the point of sale terminal.


Write Off Summary Reports at POS

The point of sale terminal also holds a summary and audit reports for the Write Offs until the Z report is run. These are available under Cash drawer, Flash Reports and Float Adjustments. This report shows the float adjustments BY STAFF MEMBER and then again BY TIME.



In addition, these reports are available in Menumate point of sale under FUNCTIONS and REPORTS.




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