Stock Control Starting A Stocktake

Stocktake Profiles

Menumate allows for different stocktake profiles to be created. These allow you to configure different profiles for different days or different weeks.

The idea is you can setup a profile for Wine that you will could the first week of the month and beer that your will count the second week of the month.

To start you need to setup a stocktake profile for ALL of the beverage items. From Menumate Office select STOCK and then STOCKTAKE.  Click on NEW, as this is the FIRST stocktake click on CREATE PROFILE.

Enter the profile name as BEVERAGES and put a tick in the box next to the category of Beverages.

This will then automatically tick all of the groups under that category e.g., beer, wine, or spirits etc. Click on OK when completed.


Starting the Stocktake


Once the profile for BEVERAGES has been created you can start the stocktake, the Menumate stocktake will ask for a stocktake ID. This will allow you to refer back to the stocktake. Typically this will be the profile name and maybe the date. Enter the stocktake ID and click on OK


Select the stocktake and click on OK again to start the stocktake. 



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