Stock Control Setup Locations

Setup Stock Locations

Before implementing stock control it is important to determine the best setup for your business.

Click on the camera  to view a video on Setting Up Stock Locations in Menumate Office (Remember to Change the Quaity in YouTube to HD)

For a smaller business there may be only one location e.g. Ale House & Restaurant, or two locations with one location for beverages and another location for the Kitchen.  For larger businesses there may be multiple stock locations for each bar or bottle store as well as the store rooms or the kitchen.

The location information needs to be set them up in Menumate Office. 

From the main Menumate office menu select SETUP, OTHER SETTINGS and LOCATIONS to setup each location. A small business may look similar to the below example where the sales location is the business name and there is a bar and kitchen location for stock purchase only.



You can ADD new locations, DELETE existing locations and RENAME existing locations. If you are adding new locations and you already have the stock items setup in your system then you can add the new location to all of the stock items by using the SYNCRONIZE WITH STOCK option.  

Once the location information has been completed, click on Close and then set the DEFAULT location e.g., Bar from the OTHER SETTINGS tab.





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