Stock Control Setup Items

Setup the Stock Item Details

Now that the Locations and Suppliers have been entered into Menumate Office you can now start to enter all of the stock details. 

There are a number ways to gather the stock items for a business.

One is by taking each menu item and setting up each stock item as you go through the items the business sells. If this is the intention then run the Menu Profitability Report from the REPORT option in Menumate Office. This will provide you with a list of all the items that are sold.

The second is from a manual stock take and a third is from a number of supplier invoices.

Ideally a combination of all of them will ensure a complete job.

    • Print the Menu Profitability Report
    • Write the unit (bottle) cost of each item against each menu item either from the supplier invoice, price list or catalogue.

From the main Menumate office menu select STOCK, EDIT/ADD STOCK to setup each stock item.

Setup the Stock Categories and Groups. Typically these would have the category of Beverages and the groups of Beer, Wine, or Spirits etc.


Once the Groups and Categories are setup it is time to start setting up the Stock Items.

Select a starting category e.g., Spirits and select ADD ITEM to bring up the EDIT STOCK maintenance window.



This screen contains four TABS; Details, Locations, Suppliers and Bar codes. The Bar codes tab is not relevant until later in the manual when you are setting up for the PDE (Portable Data Entry terminal). Click here if you want to read about the bar codes tab now.

In the DETAILS tab enter the stock code (or select GET NEXT to simply get the next numeric number). This is would be the normal option, then enter the Description and make sure it is in the correct Stock Group.

The stock take unit is dependent on the type of item. Typically these will be 750 Mls Bottle, 1125 Mls Bottle, Each or Litre. Use the Add option to setup a new one if you need to add one to the system.

Ensure that the TAX rate is correct and click on the LOCATIONS tab.



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