Stock Control Setup item Suppliers

Setup the Suppliers for Stock Items

In the SUPPLIERS tab add the main supplier that the item is normally purchased from.


The important areas on this screen is the Order Unit section where you need to enter how the item is ordered e.g., by the Bottle or Case and then for each order unit how it then is calculated back to the stock levels and the Cost of each order unit.

As an example, the above item can be purchased as a bottle which when purchased would then increase the stock quantity by 1 and the cost of the order unit (bottle) is $41.17.

Additionally the business can purchase the item by the case lot. For this the Stock Quantity would be 12 and the Cost may be $490. Therefore when a unit is purchased the stock would increase by 12.

Similarly when a Keg of beer is purchased the stock should increase by 50 so the Stock Quantity for a 50 Ltr Keg would be 50 and the cost would be the total cost of the full keg of beer.

Once completed click OK to save the item



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