Stock Control Importing from PDE

Importing the Data into a Stocktake

Start the stocktake in the normal manner as all stocktakes, when in the stocktake count screen press IMPORT COUNT. The Menumate system will read the STOCK.TXT file that came from the hand held unit and import it into the Menumate count system.  The Menumate system will display which items have been imported and matched to a stock item and how many have been ignored.


If there are any items NOT UPDATED then they will not have be accounted for. Print off the stocktake variance report and go through all items that have not been imported and add the barcodes to the stock item maintenance. This should be done after the current stocktake has been completed.

Complete the stocktake as normal and follow the on screen instructions on the hand held unit to delete the counted data so that it is NOT reimported next time you perform a stocktake using the PDE.



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