Stock Control Implement Par Levels

Setting Minimum and Maximum Levels


Minimum and Maximum levels are set for each stock item in each location. To setup the minimum and maximum levels in Menumate Office select STOCK and EDIT/ADD STOCK. Edit the item that the minimum and maximum is being set by clicking on the LOCATIONS tab.


When a purchase order is run using the AUTO option then the items will be ordered if they are below the Minimum Level and enough will be ordered to get back to the Maximum Level. These numbers should be set depending on how often you need to order or how easily it is to get stock from your supplier.

In addition to the minimum and maximum levels there is also a MIN ORDER QTY in the SUPPLIER tab of the stock edit screen.


This is set so that (a) the correct order unit is ordered e.g., Case or Bottle and (b) the correct quantity is ordered. This ensures that system does not order 1.5 bottles of Vodka or 35 Litres of a 50 Litre Keg of Beer.



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