Stock Control Auto Purchase Order

Creating Automatic Purchase Orders

From Menumate Office select STOCK and CREATE SUPPLIER ORDER. Enter the supplier you are ordering from and click OK

If not previously done, click on SETUP to configure the system to have the company’s address details and delivery instructions.

To create a new purchase order click on NEW.  This will display the Purchase Order window.

By clicking on AUTO the Menumate system will look through all items that come from the chosen supplier and recommend that you order any item that is below the Minimum Level and order enough to get it back to the Maximum Level based on the Minimum Order Quantity.

In this example 42 Below has a stock level of 4.6. The minimum level is 6 and the maximum level is 8. In order to get back to the maximum level the system needs 3.4 more bottles of spirits. As the Minimum Order Quantity is set to 1 Bottle then the system has recommended to order 3 more bottles.

You can also click on ADD SUPPLIER ITEM or ADD ANY ITEM to add items to the order or adjust the recommended order quantity.  Once the items have been entered click on COMMIT to confirm the order or COMMIT and EMAIL to email the order to the supplier (as long as the supplier maintenance has the email address loaded)

This will create a purchase order. At this stage it is recommended that the purchase order is printed off and put into a folder of NON RECEIVED PURCHASE ORDERS.  The reason it is recommended to follow this process is when you are completing a stocktake and reviewing variances you can compare the variances against NON RECEIVED PURCHASE ORDERS and you may find that stock has been received but the invoice has not been received or entered. This allows you to reduce the unexplained variances.





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