Setting Up Vouchers

LoyaltyMate has a voucher module that allows an administrator to drive customer spend, issue vouchers and manage how a voucher is used. By building a selection criteria vouchers can be sent (via email and to the member’s app) to only valid members.

To create a voucher, a discount needs to have been created so you can fill in the code.

Voucher Field Description

1. Voucher Name* - Name of the Voucher

2. Date Start - Date you want the voucher to start from

3. Date Expires - When you want the voucher to expire/stop

4. Discount Code* - The code of the discount that will be applied to the member


Other Criteria Used to Filter Information before sending to Members

  • Birthday Month - Select a month you want to apply the voucher to e.g only send to people in November
  • Gender - Gender you want to send the voucher to e.g female
  • Age From/To - Age group you want to send the voucher to e.g 20 - 30 yr olds
  • Spend From/To - Range of money spent e.g send to people who have spent between $100 to $200
  • Balance From/To - Range of points the customer have e.g only send to members who points balance between 25 - 100 points. 
  • Last Purchase Date - Members last purchase dates e.g send to people whose last purchase was June 2016
  • Top X by Spend - Only send to a select number of your top spenders. e.g Send to top 5 spenders - a reward.
  • Worst X by Spend - Only send to a select number of your worst spenders e.g send to worst/lowest 30 spenders - an insentive to come back
  • First Sale From/To  -  If they had their first sale between the dates e.g had first sale between 01/01/16 - 01/02/16
  • Membership Group - Select a member group to send the voucher to
  • Number of Uses -  How many times the voucher can be used
  • Restrict to Store - If you have multiple sites/stores the voucher can only be used at the selected store
  • Store - Voucher will be sent to people who use/signed up at this store
  • City - Voucher will be who have the selected City in their Profile
  • State - Sent to people who have the selected State in their Profile
  • Post Code - Sent to people who have the selected Post Code in their Profile
  • Country - Sent to people who have the selected Country in their Profile
  • Notification Template - Select template to use for notifications that will appear on customers phone

Once the vouchers have been sent to the members they can see the vouchers in their online profile and on their smart phone app. Additionally you can select to NOT email the members and the vouchers would still appear when they came instore and scanned their QR code or swiped/scanned their cards. 

Voucher description that appears on the app is created when you create the discount code.

Date expiry and number of uses if filled in will appear in the voucher area on the app.



This example will send a voucher to all members who have a birthday in November and have spent more than 100 dollars. The voucher will be emailed to the members and can only be used once between 1 November 2016 and 30 November 2016 and when used will have discount code 101 (50% Food) applied to their purchase.

A discount had already been created before creating the voucher - Discount Code 101, 50% of Food. 

Once the Voucher is set up and you click "Send Vouchers"  a list will pop up of members to you to select all or select who you want to send it to.

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