Setting Up Tier Levels

Tier Level Field Descriptions

1.Tier Name* - Name you want the tier level to be e.g Bronze

2. Tier Level Number* - Number of Tier Level e.g 1

3. Points Required - How many points they need to be in this tier level i.e 1000

4. Birthday Bonus - When they are in this tier level and its their birthday they could get 'X' number of points as a bonus

5. Price Products* - 

6. Weighted Product* -

7. Email Members - WIll email the member once they have reached this tier level. 

8. Email Head Office - Will email head office to let them know when someone has reached this tier level

9. Change card - You might have different cards for different tier levels - if ticked this will require a new card to be given to the member

10. Allow Redemption - TIcked so the members in this tier level can redeem the birthday bonus and any discounts.


Tier levels are a great way to reward your members and give them an incentive to continue using the loyalty program.

You can set the tier levels to a certain amount of points and add certain rewards to the tier level. A higher birthday bonus, higher points per purchase. Once the customer has reached the amount of points required for the tier level, they will receive these rewards and then be able to go towards the next tier level.




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