Setting Up Groups

Groups are a great way to organise certain members together and then assign vouchers to them.

Unlike Vouchers which can be set to certain criteria. The groups are created by you.

To Create a Group.

1. Go to Loyalty and in the drop down menu select Groups.

2.Click Create

3. FIll in Group Code* - The number which will be associated with this group 

4. Fill in Group Name*

5. Click Save

To assign members to a group

1. Click "Assign Members"


For example, if you had a group of 10 regulars who come in once a week. You could put them in a group called “regulars”. This can be done by ‘Create” search the Name or email address and add them to the group.

 Then you can create a voucher specifically for them and add the group name “Regulars” and send it to just these few. 

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