Setting Up Discounts

LoyaltyMate allows discounts to be fully managed by the administrator and are then synchronized to Menumate Point of Sale. All of the discount functionality in Menumate POS is now in LoyaltyMate with additional features. 

Discount Field Descriptions

1. Name* - Enter the name of the discount e.g $10 of Any Time

2. Discount Code*- This is distinct number that will be used to link to a voucher.

3. Type* - You need to select a "Discount Type" And the "Implication Type"

  • Discount Type
    % - Percentage
    $ - Dollar
    Combo - Combination of items 
    Item Mode - Select/Certain Items
    Set Price - 
  • Implication Type

4. Value* - The value of discount e.g 10.00

5. Round To* - Ability to round the discount result e.g 0.01

6. Display* - 

  • Fixed Description 
  • Prompt Description 
  • Prompt Amount
  • Prompy Description and Amount

7. Description - Explains what the discount does

8. Discount Group - Applying the discount to a specific group. A dropdown of the groups will appear and select one. 

9. Members Only - If ticked it will only be assigned to a member/s

10. Member Exempt - If ticked it will NOT be applied to a member/s

11. Category Filter - If ticked a breakdown category will be created for filtering

12. Auto Members - Every member

13. Priority Order - Order in which the discount is applied

14. Appearance Order - Order in which the discount will appear on the POS

15. Maximum Value - 

16. Minimun # Items - The minimum number of items for the discount to be applied to e.g 2

17. Maximum # Affected - The maximum number of items the discount will be applied to e.g 3. 5 items purchased, only 3 will be applied the discount to. 

18. Daily uses/member - Not available Yet


Example : 2 for 1 Hot Beverage

Minimum # Items and Maximum # Affected allows you to control how a discount is applied e.g. 2 for 1 Coffee would be setup as follows;

  • Name : 2 for 1 Coffee
  • Category Filter would be ticked*
  • Type would be % and the value would be 100
  • Minimum # Items would be 2
  • Maximum # Affected would be 1


When this discount was applied the CHEAPEST coffee would automatically be discounted by 100% and as you added or changed coffee selection the discount would update automatically to the cheapest. It would only apply once at least 2 items were sold and only apply to 1 item. So if 4 coffees were sold only 1 would be discounted.

Discounts created in LoyaltyMate cannot be edited or deleted in the POS.

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