Push Notifications

  1. Under settings select Mobile Notification Template. 
  2. Create a notification template that you will use to notify the customer on their phone of a voucher


  3. Template Type - Select Voucher

  4. Title - Whatever you would like the Template name to be.

  5. Content - You can fill the content in with the description of a specific voucher or have content that is usable for any voucher. 

  6. There is an option to merge tags which allows you to add content to your email for each specific person.
    An example of this
    “ Dear *|MFName|* *|MLName|* ,*|VName|* of *|CName|* is available“
    This will add in there first name, last name, the voucher name and the company name. 

  7. Default - Tick this box to have one template that is the default template for all voucher notifications.
    To select a different template as the default you need to unselect it and then select it in the new default template.

  8. When you have a a notification template set up, go to Vouchers. 

  9. In the voucher creation page there is a notification box where you can select the template to use. 

  10. Once you have set up the voucher and applied a notification template you can send it to the customers, they will get a notification on their phones letting them know the voucher is available to them.
    (Note: Customer needs to have their notifications on to receive the notification. )



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