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The videos listed below will assist you with building your menu in Menumate Office and Point of Sale. Menumate's Menu Editor is very flexible and enables you to design you own menus to suit your business. Click on the Pay Video button on any session or the Request Further Support button to place a support requet to the Menumate help desk

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1. Starting Menu Editing                                             
2. Adding Groups and Categories
3. Adding Item Size  
4. Adding a New Course   
5. Adding a New Serving Course      
6. Adding a Simple Product to a Menu     
7. Adding an Item with Two Sizes to a Menu   
8. Adding an Option to an Item in a Menu    
9. Adding a Forced Option to an Item in a Menu
10. Adding a Forced Side to an Item in a Menu
11. Copying an existing Item in a Menu
12. An example of Half and Half Pizza Setup
13. Setup up a Misc Item with an Open Price
14. Setting up an Item with Scales
15. Resolving Errors when Committing Menus
16. Changing Point of Sale Button Sizes

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