Version 5.3




The EBN XPOS 752 point of sale terminal has been added to the cash drawer emulation under the Setup, Cash Drawer port section in Menumate Point of Sale. The Cash Draw can now be opened directly from this model POS without the need of a comkick.


The Member's name will now print on the kitchen docket for web orders using 365Cups (iphone ordering) or  Mobi2Go (online web ordering). 


It is now possible to add the function OPEN CASH DRAWER to the end of a kitchen docket. With this feature if you connect a light and/or buzzer device to the kitchen printer via the cash drawer connection the light or buzzer will respond accordingly and let the staff know a kitchen docket has been printed.


An issue was discovered that once the GST (Goods and Services Tax) was set in Menumate Office that it could not be changed. This issue has now been resolved.


A number of screens have been adjusted to scale correctly on wide screen terminals and hand helds tablet terminals. These include the discount screen, cash draw screen and the add Tab screen.


An issue where Groups (or Sub Categories) were not being sent to Summa BI Reporting has been corrected. 


An additional function has been added in the Menu Editor of Menumate Office that allows you to copy a complete recipe from one size to another. This is called Add RECIPES to All Sizes compares to the other option of Add Recipe to All sizes which will only add the actual ingredient highlighted to the other sizes


A separate Tab & Tables report as well as a Site Summary report have been added to Functions, Reports section in Menumate POS. These have been added to enable the restaurant manager to get information quicker from any POS terminal about the sales of the business. These reports shows details for the complete site not just the one POS terminal.


Menumate Version is now available to be installed on sites. For more information on this upgrade please request further support. 


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