Version 5.4

Stock Write Offs and Wastage

Managing stock is a critical part of running a profitable hospitality businesses. Version of Menumate extends the stock write off functionality to enable greater control, auditing and reporting.

Global Parked Sales

Global Parked sales has been included in this recent version and provides a number of new flexible uses to benefit the POS operation and performance. Sales can now be parked on one terminal and recalled on another one without going through a table or a tab. This has been used to maximum effect in bakeries, quick service restaurants and butchers where the customer does move around. This feature is also useful is the EFTPOS terminal on the POS where the sale is being made is not working. Park the sale, move to the next POS and process the EFTPOS.

Web Ordering Interface

Working with one of our business partners, Menumate version can receive XML formated orders from any website's online store and import them directly into menumate.  Menumate recommends and has worked with Mobi2Go as a respected business partner. For details on the XML format please request further support and the help desk will send the XML documentation.

New Scales Interface

A new scale interface has been developed in version of the point of sale to the Wedderburn TSDS788B Pricing Computing Scales and require the RS232 Cable. These scales are suitable for butchers and small convenience stores.

Iphone Ordering

Menumate has worked closely with 365Cups to implement an Iphone (Android coming soon!) ordering system. This product can be branded for your specific business and/or franchise group in a cost effective and low capital setup. Allow your clients to beat the queue and increase your Point of Sale Productivity. If you are interested in 365Cups then contact menumate sales or your account manager.





Security access has been added to the Functions and Report option from the POS to enable the business owner or manager to stop other staff from accessing the reports section without the right security.



Security changes have been made to the create Tab feature. Only staff with the security setting of Account Manager will able to create a new Tab. When upgrading from a previous version all existing staff will be set to have this access (as they currently do) so ensure there are no operation changes required.


The Bill Details report in Menumate Office under Security has been enhanced with the account name or members name being added. 



Additional POS and Menumate Office reports have been added for the Stock Writeoff and Wastage function.  


Menumate Version is now available to be installed on sites. For more information on this upgrade please request further support. 


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