5.34 - POS Release

Menumate Point of Sale Release Notes

Menumate Version 5.34 is now available to be installed on your site.  If you require assistance then please request further support  .

If you would like to download the complete set of the Point of Sale Release notes then select the PDF icon 


Patron Count Down

Product Count Down allows a business to enter the opening stock level of certain items that have a limited amount of stock and the staffs on the POS and on PALMMate terminals have visual indication of the amount of each item remaining. 

This feature is normally used for Food items or Specials of the Day that have a limited supply. This feature keeps the floor staff informed of items that are running low to avoid customers being disappointed. 

The Product Count Down has a number of features

  • Set Product Count Down Start/Level
  • Set Warning Level
  • Reset to Set Level on Z

For a complete understanding of the Product Count Down feature please download the Product Count Down – How To document.


Clock In/Clock Out Rounding

Functionality has been added to the Clock In/Clock Out feature to round the clock in/out times to the nearest minute (e.g. 5,10,15,30 etc.). For a complete understanding of the Clock In/Clock Out module please download the Clock In/Clock Out – How To document.


Priced Barcodes

Functionality has been added to the Menumate solution to read Priced Barcodes. Please download the Priced Barcodes – How To document.


Multi Buys

Multi-buy deal is the ability to order a number of products for a set price. e.g. 3 donuts for $5. This can be configured in Menumate so that as the items are ordered it will adjust the price based on the deal, and you can have more than one deal. e.g. 3 for $5 and 5 for $7.

The system will always put the cheapest product into the deal and also fill in the highest quantity deal first. E.g. order 6 products and using the above deals the 5 for $7 will apply not two lots of 3 for $5.

For a complete understanding of the Multi-Buy feature download the Multi-Buy – How To document.


Discount by Category

The discounting functions in Menumate POS have been expanded to enable discounts to be applied to a category/range of items.  A category is created in Menumate Office and then all items that the discount can be applied to are assigned this category in the Breakdown Category sections.

The discount is then setup and the filter of the category is assign to it. This can be a good way of restricting how the staff discount can be applied. 


Misc Settings

A number of new options have been added the Misc Settings / POS configuration screen.

  • Enable Phone Orders
  • Prompt for a Chit on Every New Order
  • Calculate Default Patron Count from Menu
  • Waitor Station
  • Round to the Nearest Times
  • Only Allow Points to be spend on Full Items
  • Points to be Redeemed on Selected Items Only
  • Enable Topping Transactions (DPS Only)


Minor Changes

There have been a number of minor changes to Menumate Point of Sale version

  • The Z report will warn if there are any Tables or Tabs still open. It is best practise and ensures balancing is a lot easier when all Tables and Tabs are closed every night.
  • When a refund is processed the option to send the notice to the Kitchen/Bar/Barista has been added.
  • The Floor Plan has been extended to handle more than 100 tables.


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