5.34 - PALMMate Release

Menumate PALMMate Release Notes

Menumate Version 5.34 is now available to be installed on your site.  If you require assistance then please request further support  .

If you would like to download the complete set of the PALMMate Release notes then select the PDF icon 


Improved Navigation, Workflow and Performance

There has been a lot of behind the scenes changes to improve performance and reliability of PALMMate. Sites with internet access on their handhelds now fully integrate with Bug Sense for integrated bug tracking. 

You can swipe left and right to go between screens, the Android back button now takes you to the previous screen and you can skip picking the table at the start for “meet, greet, order and sit sites”.


Simplified Registration Process

The process to register PALMMate terminals has been simplified. 


Locations, Menus and Staff Settings

You can now set individual Locations for each PALMMate handheld, similar to the Locations on a till and are fully integrated with the Menumate location’s list. You can now set specific Menus for each PALMMate handheld. You can now set specific STAFF for each PALMMate handheld. 


Cash Sales

PALMMate has had the ability to process cash sales directly from the hand held. This feature can be disable/enabled on specific handhelds. The receipt generated by PALMMate as is currently a fixed format and will show the handheld name in the receipt. The receipt numbers used are integrated with the Point of Sale.



Discounting has been added to the PALMMate solution where you can now discount individual Items, discount by category, discount by member group and is integrated with the membership discounts.



Membership and Members discounts are fully supported via the AdvanPos M40 units with an add on swipe card.

The membership feature allows purchases to be paid using the member’s points and utilises the same features and configuration as the members in Menumate Point of Sale including the No Point Redemption feature. Purchases on PALMMate will also earn loyalty rewards based on the items purchased.

Membership integration with the Android notification bar has been added, when a members card is swiped their membership information can be accessed by dragging down the email notification icon.

Membership integration can be turned off on the handhelds making sync times faster if membership tabs are not used.


Casino Bally Interface

PALMMate has been integrated to one of the world's leading Casino management software with a complete Bally membership interface including Membership Authentication via members pin fully supported for points spending (Bally Only Feature).


Chit Numbers

Chit numbers are now supported. PALMMate now integrates with the Menumate chit numbers system. Chit numbers can be configured per PALMMate handheld. Chits Print on kitchen dockets and receipts, Queue busting!  Integrated Chit number gesture support, Draw a CN on the screen and you are prompted for a chit number.


Product Count Down

PALMMate has been integrated with Menumate’s Product Count Down. The countdown is displayed graphically on each item. 


Bluetooth Printing

PALMMate now supports printing to Blue Bamboo blue tooth printers. Chit numbers and Membership details print on these printers. Great for Queue busting!


Hand Held Grouping

You can now set the handheld name e.g. PALMMate 1, PALMMate2 etc. This name is what appears in the back office reports just like the Menumate POS terminals.  Handhelds that share the same name will all share the same configuration for menumate settings including Printers and Chit Numbers. 


Full Integrated Menumate Device Printing

Exit the handheld settings screen to add the handheld to the Menumate printer terminal list. PALMMate will upload the profile and the handheld will now appear in the Menumate Printer list.  This allows you to configure individual handhelds to print to different places just like the tills.  Handhelds with the same name (Droid) will all share the same printer configuration. 


Improved Setup and Configuration

PALMMate has adopted the new official Android OS configuration and settings screens making the device easier to setup.




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