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Dollars and Sense – Is Your Point of Sale System Increasing your Profit?

Many hospitality businesses invest in a point of sale system simply to take customer orders, send orders to the kitchen, manage table accounts and provide a daily cash balance. When this investment can range from $10,000 to $100,000 then this traditional service and its limitations should be reviewed.
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Shrink your Shrinkage – 10 Tips to Reducing Beverage Cost of Sales

Industry specialists report that a hospitality business with no stock management program can have wastage and shrinkage of 10% - 20%. This means for a business with a $1,000,000 turnover, up to $30,000 - $60,000 per year of profit gets literally washed down the sink. Reduce your beverage cost of sales with these handy tips and industry insights.
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Wage Woes – Know the Cost of Next Week’s Wages, not Last Week’s

The cost of staff wages can make up a large portion of a hospitality business’s operating expenses. They can be the difference between a profitable month or making a loss. When numbers are tallied only after wages have been paid, reducing employment costs or sticking to a pre-determined budget is next to impossible.
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Keep ’em Coming – Why Loyalty Systems are Important to Your Business

Industry statistics show that loyalty members visit 50% more than non-members. And, when they do visit, they spend four times than other customers. In the highly competitive hospitality industry, building loyalty means more that simply offering fantastic service, wonderful food and drinks and a warm, friendly and unique ambiance.
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Recipe for Success – Stock Control in Your Kitchen

How do you control something so variable as stock levels in the kitchen? Most businesses simply decide it is to hard to achieve a benefit from the time necessary to manage stock. But what if there was a system that was easy to implement, efficient to run and provided accurate data?
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