Dollars and Sense – Is Your Point of Sale System Increasing your Profit?

Many hospitality businesses invest in a Point of Sale system for the normal valid reasons of taking customer orders, sending orders to the kitchen, managing table accounts and providing a daily balance of the cash taken for the banking. When this investment can range from $10,000 to $100,000 then this historical approach and the reasons for making this type of purchase should be reviewed.

Globally there are thousands of very good Point of Sale systems available to the hospitality industry. The majority of these systems all perform the core tasks they are designed for. Most of these systems can be a tool for the business they are in. Unfortunately 95% of the businesses that have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on their system are really using them to 5% of the system capacity.

The fault is not with the system and certainly not with the business owner. The fault is with the implementation and training provided by the system provider. Throughout the world there are more system providers than actual Point of Sale systems. Independent Consultants, EFTPOS companies, Security Companies, Computer companies and IT infrastructure companies all believe that they can provide a Point of Sale system to a specialised industry like Hospitality. In fact they CAN, but in reality they are NOT geared up to provide the necessary training that the business owner needs or have the industry experience and knowledge to add value to the system.

Hospitality training to ensure that the Point of Sale system is a tool that creates a return on investment and actually increases the businesses turnover, reduces the businesses costs and increases the business profit is a specialist area that is only available by companies that are solely focused on the needs of the industry.

Equally important is the differentiation between installation and training. Installation of a Point of Sale system involves installing the Point of Sale hardware and software in a business and showing the staff and owner how to make the system work, how to make a sale, how to change a price. Training involves working with the business owner over an extended period of time, usually 6 months, to use the Point of Sale system to improve the businesses operations, costs, revenue and profit. If there is no ongoing and regular training between the Point of Sale provider and business owner then the Point of Sale system will typically turn into a glorified shoe box.

Menumate provides industry leading Hospitality training that delivers a return on investment for the Point of Sale purchase. Menumate, via the Hospitality Performance Program, works with the business owner to measure, test, strategise and report on a number of key performance indicators that improve profit. Menumate improves the profitability of restaurants, bars and hotels through this program.

Menumate also realises that the hospitality business owner has 100 things to do, and when they are opening a new venture then it is closer to 1000 things to do a day. Because of this Menumate’s work is best explained by “Menumate works IN your business while you work ON your dream”. Menumate allows the owner to focus on their customers, their staff, the service being provided and the quality of product while Menumate implements best practise procedures that deliver on the businesses bottom line.

A point of Sale system must – Increase turnover, reduce beverage costs, reduce stock costs, reduce stock holding, reduce wage costs, reduce administration costs, increase regular customers, increase customer spend and increase profit.

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