ChefMate - Kitchen Display



Assisting in kitchen productivity and customer service

Mounted in your kitchen, ChefMate displays food and drink orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for your speed of service and provides feedback though an intuitive and graphical layout showing the status and service times of each table.

ChefMate provides the restaurant owner and chef with key performance information on average turn-around times, number of orders, number of meals live on the kitchen display.

Any change of status on ChefMate i.e. Cancels, Refunds, Call Away notifications and Table Transfers can be linked to individual sounds and notifications to ensure the kitchen team are fully aware of the changes. 

Key Features:

When information is critical to a fast and efficient restaurant then ChefMate can be partnered with the Menumate Floor Plan solution to provide greater overview of the front of house to the kitchen team. The graphical front of house layout shows when a table has been seated, when their mains have been called away and when there has been no service.  This information enables the kitchen team to be proactive in their service and productivity.;


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