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Menumate Online Reports automatically connects to your Point of Sale  to product live interactive business inteligence reporting.

The data is automatically analysed for you and the results are presented in a clear and simple dashboard format on our secure website.

We also have custom analytics tools for advanced requirements and a range of add-on modules to further enhance your business systems.




The Dashboard

The dashboard allows easy access to a comprehensive summary of your data, with an interactive and customizable layout.  

Reporting & Analytics

Menumate Online Reports analytics allow you to instantly view the summarized results so you can drill-down into the numbers where you want to. 

Add On Modules

Your business analysis will be taken to new levels with the implementation of additional business management systems.



100% Automated

There is no need to hire additional staff or expensive  consultants to collect your data and build reports. Menumate Business Intelligence automatically collects your data, analyses it and displays it on a simple dashboard. It can even email the results straight to your inbox.



Online, Anywhere, Anytime

Open an internet browser, login and collaborate with your team matter where they are. There is nothing to install and MenumateOnline Reports works on PCs, Apples, tablets and mobile phones. 


Benefits Every Level of Your Business

User logins can be setup and accessed by staff at every level of your business, . Each user can have their own dashboard and permissions, specifically designed to suit their role. 


Corportate- Grade BI for a Small Business Price

Menumate Online Reports uses the marketing-leading Microsoft Azure database as a back-end to leverage its scalability, performance and analytical power. This allows unlimited potential for our clients to grow, not only in the volume of data processed, but also in further sophistication of the application when needed, while paying only a portion of the total cost of ownership.   



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