Waiter Mode for Order Only Menumate POS Terminals

16th May 15

Waiter Mode for Order Only Menumate POS Terminals

Many restaurants operations involve staff taking the orders from the guests and enter them into the Point of Sale system against the guests Table.  These terminals are typically only used for ordering and not for payment, they are not a cashier terminal.

Menumate provides a configurable solutions to add security around this function in two areas.

1.  POS Terminal Specific

In Menumate POS under Maintenance, Miscellaneous Settings, POS Display the option WAITER STATION can be turned on and the specific terminal will no longer be able to take payment. The terminal will be able to be used to place and order and print preliminary receipts to take to the table.

2. Staff Specific

Specific staff members can be configured as “waiters” so that any terminal they operate will only allow them to process orders and print preliminary receipts but NOT take any payments.

This configuration add greater security to the terminal and guests accounts. It reduces the risk of operator error and incorrectly closed guest accounts.

Related Features; Configure the POS for Table Service; Prompt for Guest Count; Table Status change on Call Away, Preliminary Receipts and Partial Payments; Notify the Kitchen on Table Transfers;

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