Increasing Cafe Sales through Customer Loyalty

12th May 11
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It is now common place that a cafe will invest a considerable amount of money in a point of sale system. In many cases this investment is greater than the cost of the coffee machine that they use in 95% if their sales. But in many cases it is not used the same manner as the coffee machine.

In today’s competitive environment this is no longer good enough. The point of sale system holds critical tools and information to benefit the business.

One common area, but an often under used area, is the Loyalty Rewards system

Why Have a Loyalty System?

Statistics we have gathered over a decade of working with Cafe’s Point of Sale systems and Loyalty Rewards programs, report that a customer with a loyalty rewards card will visit a business 4 times more often and spend 50% more than a non-loyalty member. Now that cafe’s are becoming a must stop for many people getting them on your loyalty card is critical.

No More Stamps!

Gone are the days of a smiley-face stamp being classed as a loyalty system. Today’s successful cafes have a credit card style loyalty card that supports their brand and is used more often than a customer’s eftpos card. Loyalty card systems allow members to earn loyalty rewards on coffee purchases and/or food sales. Members can load money in advance onto their card and then use that to make purchases. Their loyalty card can have their favourite drink pre-programmed in. It can contain their birthday, their nick name and hopefully their email address.

The loyalty card should be at the front of their wallet as they will use it every day and for some customer’s multiple times per day. The coffee trip is a habit and a loyalty system can be used to ensure that habit is at the right cafe.

For more information contact Menumate in Australia on 1300 886947 or New Zealand on 0800 657300 or via email on sales@menumate.com.

By Andrew McClurg, Managing Director, Menumate Limited

Andrew McClurg has been involved in providing Point of Sale systems and Loyalty system to the hospitality industry for over 20 years.

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Reply Idana | October 1st, 2011 at 8:54am
That's really sehrwd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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