Increase Your Café's Cash flow with Customer Loyalty

16th May 11
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Many cafés have had a loyalty system of some sort for many years. Smiley Stamps or Clipping Machines that mark the card for every 10th coffee, or a discount scheme that give a loyal customer a 50 cent discount on their coffee purchase. While these types of systems can help create some sort of loyalty system, they also are missing out on one of the single greatest reasons for having a loyalty system running through your Point of Sale system – increased cash flow and free cash!

Let Your Members give you their Cash

Pre-paid coffee purchases have evolved over many years in the Café industry with the advent of some of the latest Point of Sale Systems. Members of the Café’s loyalty system find it useful and efficient to load money onto their loyalty cards in advance.

Benefits for the Café Owner

  • The café owner receives the money in advance of the customer’s purchase and increases the café owner's bank balance and cash flow. Some small to medium cafés can find over the first 12 months they can have $5000 to $8000 of member's money in pre-paid loyalty.
  • Once a member has loaded money on their loyalty card they are ALWAYS going to come back to the owner's café. They form a habit that keeps them coming bank time and time and time again

Benefits for the Member

  • The benefit for the member’s is quickly demonstrated by the number of members who DO load money on their card. Their decision to purchase from the café is removed. Their concern over do they have cash, how much money is in my bank and as they are typically a regular shopper with small transactions their own personal bank fees are reduced.

If the question is "Do I need a Point of Sale and Loyalty Card system for my Café", then the same question can be reworded as "Do I want to improve my Café’s cash flow by thousands of dollars". For more information contact Menumate in Australia on 1300 886947 or New Zealand on 0800 657300 or via email on sales@menumate.com.

By Andrew McClurg, Managing Director, Menumate Limited.

Andrew McClurg has been involved in providing Point of Sale systems and Loyalty system to the hospitality industry for over 20 years.

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Ab fab my golody man.

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