Improve Customer Service through your Loyalty System

12th May 11
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In our article, Increasing Café Sales through Customer Loyalty, we touched on why every Café should have a loyalty system and what it can mean to the buying habits of your fans and loyalty members.

Launching a loyalty system in your café is just the start. It is very important that your staff use the loyalty system’s features to improve the customer experience.

Hey Steve here is your Flat White.

Many customers visit many times a week. They do it because they like the cafe. They do it because they like the coffee and the staff and once they realise that they now know them then they are a customer for life, or at least while they live or work close by. How does a barista remember 500 plus names? While a good one probably can, the point of sale system and loyalty system should help.

A good system should be able to print the loyalty customer’s name on the barista docket or screen. It is an easy way to remind the barista who the customer is. It can also improve another touch point as the Point of sale system will also display the members name when they swipe their card. It is a great personal touch point to be able to say "Thanks Steve" as well as “Here is your Flat White Steve”

Touch points like this will build an emotional link between the staff member and the customers and typically an emotionally linked customer will spend more. Three seconds to say “Are you interested in one of our muffins Steve” could be $5.00 added to the sale. For more information contact Menumate in Australia on 1300 886947 or New Zealand on 0800 657300 or via email on sales@menumate.com.

By Andrew McClurg, Managing Director, Menumate Limited

Andrew McClurg has been involved in providing Point of Sale systems and Loyalty system to the hospitality industry for over 20 years.

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Reply Matty | September 30th, 2011 at 11:19am
That's way more cleevr than I was expecting. Thanks!

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