Tablet Technology's place in Hospitality

Handheld technology for wait staff has been around since the 1990s with a number of companies in New Zealand leading the industry with these products. New Zealand has always been a technology leader and in the 1990’s these were received with interest and trepidation. Things have come a long way in...

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Stock Control

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Stock Control Previously we investigated loyalty systems and how a point of sale system can improve the sales process. These two areas focus on increasing revenue in your hospitality business. There will come a time where the revenue or turnover from a business has reached a certain...
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Point of Sale Productivity Will Increase Sales

In previous posts we discussed how the right point of sale system can increase the profitability of a café. The focus was around increased revenue through Customer Loyalty. But customer loyalty may not be right for every business. Your café may be in a captive market like a train station or...
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Increase Your Café's Cash flow with Customer Loyalty

Many cafés have had a loyalty system of some sort for many years. Smiley Stamps or Clipping Machines that mark the card for every 10th coffee, or a discount scheme that give a loyal customer a 50 cent discount on their coffee purchase. While these types of systems can help create...
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Let Your Fans Know what is on at Your Cafe

You have launched a loyalty system in your café. You then ensured your staff were using the information at the Point of Sale to improve the customer experience through touch points in our previous article, Improve Customer Service through your Loyalty System, and now that you have all the member’s information...
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Improve Customer Service through your Loyalty System

In our article, Increasing Café Sales through Customer Loyalty, we touched on why every Café should have a loyalty system and what it can mean to the buying habits of your fans and loyalty members. Launching a loyalty system in your café is just the start. It is very important that...
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Increasing Cafe Sales through Customer Loyalty

It is now common place that a cafe will invest a considerable amount of money in a point of sale system. In many cases this investment is greater than the cost of the coffee machine that they use in 95% if their sales. But in many cases it is not used...
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