Business Intelligence

The Proven Business Intelligence Tools for Hospitality Owners

Summa is an incredibly smart and easy to use online business intelligence tool, developed specifically for the hospitality and retail industries. For less than the price of a coffee a day, it automatically analyses sales data directly from your POS/till systems and combines it with other data sources such as staff rosters, inventory and budgets to make effective decision making easy.

Summa is already used by businesses and franchises worldwide to help them find new revenue opportunities, identify market trends, reduce costs, detect fraud and improve overall operational efficiencies.



Summa's visually rich dashboard graphics and tables makes managing your business easy - the answers are just a click of a mouse away.

Clear and effortless insight into the most important performance aspects of your business or group.

Integration of data from different sources within your business or group, to give you a simple high-level view of it on one customisable dashboard.

Trend analysis to predict future outcomes for early action.

Multi-level summary dashboards for groups, with the ability to zoom into specific stores or trends to get as much detail as you need.

Benchmarking your business against your industry and group averages, for a wider view of your performance in the market. All this can help you respond faster, smarter and more profitably to an ever-changing market.

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