About Us

Over the past two decades we have grown considerably and are an essential partner to many leading hospitality businesses in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, South East Asia & India. 

We understand first hand that business success doesn’t happen by chance. Any successful bar, restaurant, café or hotel combines the owners dream, reputation and passion with a sound underlying business strategy to deliver a fantastic customer experience and solid financial return to all stakeholders.

We use smart technology to help our clients achieve better financial performance.

The Menumate Hospitality Performance Program uses data gathered by our point of sale systems to measure key performance indicators – gathering valuable knowledge that then can be used to build better profitability.

Menumate is more than Point of Sale. We have partnered and integrated with great companies to satisfy all your business needs. Talk to us for Online Ordering, Customer Loyalty, Accounting, Business Intelligence, Stock Control and much more

By focusing on ways to increase sales, reduce costs, improve stock holdings and reduce shrinkage we are able to help businesses improve profit margins. We also provide smart customer loyalty schemes designed to increase sales and generate repeat business.


Menumate helps you to:

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